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Dead Sea

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Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is an inland salt lake , located between Israel and Jordan, the Jordan Valley. West Bank Jewish
mountain on the east coast of Transjordan plateau. Jordan from north injection. Dead Sea, Jordan to inject 540
million cubic meters of water per year , in addition to four small but perennial rivers of water injected from
the east , due to evaporation in summer and winter there are water injection , so the water level of the Dead
Sea has a seasonal variation , ranging from 30-60 cm

The Dead Sea is 80 kilometers long , 18 kilometers wide at is the surface area of about 1020 square kilometers ,
with an average depth of 300 meters , the deepest 415 meters . Lake east of the lake Arizona peninsula is
divided into two different shades of lake size , accounting for three-quarters of the area of ??the north , 415
meters deep , the average depth of less than 3 meters to the south . No export , mainly by Jordan water , into
the water evaporation roughly equal to the world's highest natural salinity of the water . The sea and the
shores of the lake are rich in salt, in this water , fish and other aquatic organisms are difficult to survive ,
the water does not only bacterial organisms ; shore and surrounding areas did not grow flowers , it is known as
the " Dead Sea "。

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