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Israel - Sports

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Israel - Sports

Like other countries in the same movement in Israel , is a very important national leisure activities. Israel's
sports culture more similar to European countries. Israel's sports development can be traced back to the
founding of Israel period. While football and basketball are considered to be the most popular sport in Israel ,
but Israel in many other sports as there are very outstanding performance on the handball and athletics , and
also actively involved in a variety of sports development and promotion。

In the cultural traditions of Israel , the movement is focused on participation, rather than produce elite
athletes. One reason is because the implementation of the system of compulsory military service almost all over
18 year-old Israeli citizens must join the army training , another reason may be because the spirit of the
Jewish tradition , emphasizing the importance of a healthy body and mind training, but less likely to seek
support in the form of competitive sport . This tradition is also from the history of the Maccabees ( and then
offer the temple festival ) resisted the idea of ??the Olympic Games . As a result, many Israelis like some non-
competitive sports , such as swimming , hiking, and playing on the beach Matkot ( a similar Israeli tennis sport

However, many modern Israelis in support of the football and basketball teams almost no less than other
Europeans enthusiasm . In the Olympic Games , Israel in judo , kayaking , windsurfing have won medals。

Israel was founded in 2007 as the world's first Major League Baseball season game played only seven games in
Major League Baseball , the game appears if a tie , the winner will be decided homers , like football PK
shootout . Ball quarter 2007 , due to lack of funds and the dissolution。

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