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Brief introduction of Israel

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Brief introduction of Israel

Israel (State of Israel), is a country located Levant region , located in the southeast of the Mediterranean ,
north Lebanon, Syria and Jordan east near the southwest edge of the Egyptian.

Israel declared its independence in 1948 , in January 2014 the population has more than 8.13 million , mainly
from the Jewish communities , Jews 611 million people, is the only country in the world to Jews as the main.

Jerusalem is Israel's capital and the seat of the central government . Israel is the only Middle East country a
liberal democracy . Israeli high degree of industrialization , the overall economy stronger . [ 1 ] In addition
, Israel is the highest level of economic development , the degree of freedom of commerce , the degree of
freedom in the Middle East and the overall HDI countries

Israel's development of science and technology for a large contribution . Since its founding , Israel has been
committed to technology research and development in science and engineering , Israeli scientists in genetics,
computer science, optics , engineering, and the contribution of other technology industry are quite prominent on
. Israel developed the industry's most well-known is its military technology industry , research and development
in agriculture , physics and medicine are also very well-known.

November 23, 2014 , the Israeli prime minister's office issued a statement , the Israeli Cabinet approved the
definition of Israel as a " Jewish state ," the bill. The bill because of possible harm to Israeli non -Jewish
citizens equal rights while highly controversial.

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