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French cuisine

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  • Release on:2015-02-01
French cuisine 

French emphasis on fresh flavor. French election widely expected, the main preference of beef , poultry, seafood, vegetables , etc., especially grilled snails, truffles , mushrooms , lobster , foie gras , caviar ; in theingredients , wine, olive oil , fresh cream and all kinds of spices French people's favorite.

Serving order standard style French cuisine meal mainly cold dishes, soups, entrees and desserts.

Country is the world 's largest wine producer, is the world's largest wine market , the world-famous wines , Bordeaux, Languedoc , Burgundy , these wines are areas in France. Per capita annual consumption of about 53 to 55 liters . Wine production is calculated by 2007 , about 4.7 billion liters in France ranks first in the world , followed by Italy and Spain