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Warmly welcome Uffe to visit our factory from Denmark.

  • Author:Jack Zou
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-01-30
Warmly welcome Uffe to visit our factory from Denmark.

On 29th,Jan,2015,Denmark customer Uffe came to visit our factory.He is handsome man,love sport very much,and had been China many,many times,very familier with China.However,he is difference with our other most customer,less words,serious,smileless...Then when you communicate with him,you maybe have a little pressure.

Certainly,after visit around our workshop,when we are at the quality inspection department,he asked many question how we control quality,how to inspect your raw material,what type of machine you use inspect?how to analyze the composition,and clean up to make that pure.

At last,when we were back to meeting desk,we had discussed some question about our cooperation projects.Why is the finish uneven?Why is the difference between two batches shipment?We explain and answer him questions one by one.

He ofter come to China,then we maybe have meeting again soon.