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IQC importance

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-01-22
IQC importance
IQC 's work is mainly to control the quality of all materials purchased materials and contract manufacturing
company , to ensure that the company does not meet the technical standards of products do not enter the
company's warehouse and production line to ensure that production and use of the products are qualified。
IQC is the front end of the company's entire supply chain , the company's quality system is built first line of
defense and the gate . If you can not check or strict, so that substandard material into the warehouse and
production lines, will quality problems after exponential amplification process , if the quality of the risks to
the market , the loss caused is immeasurable , and even cause disaster consequences . Therefore , IQC inspector
job responsibilities very major and important part of the quality of work is very important as a quality control
.IQC to act strictly in accordance with the required standards , quality management, not affected by other
factors interfere . Under special circumstances required for release by the quality level of the decision-making
process of the Department , IQC staff do not take that risk.

IQC (incoming quality control) means that the incoming quality control , referred to as the incoming control .
But maybe some technical personnel, including a number of professional developers are not very clear on this .
The reason why this talk IQC, instead IPQC ( process quality control ), FQC ( product quality control) . Prepare
incoming quality control of materials for each plant for good, we can produce a good product to .

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