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the application of electrical steel technology

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  • Release on:2015-01-20
二,the application of electrical steel technology
1. High-speed motor power 1.2KW, speed 4000r / min of three-phase asynchronous motors. In order to compare the
different characteristics of the iron loss silicon steel plate used Shimadzu 65R-B / 80R-B are two high silicon
silicon steel plate and two non- oriented silicon steel sheet 50A400,35A300 make four kinds of specifications of
the motor. Because each core iron loss as a research focus , there is no time performance test using high
harmonic influence sine wave power , the frequency is not greater than 300Hz: the range of conduct . No-load
test at each frequency . 2. Since the voltage times the rated voltage slowly decreased, measured current and
input power , minus the stator copper loss and iron loss mechanical consumption derived from the input power。
After the hot-rolled annealed silicon steel plates 80R-B high 40% lower than the average iron loss silicon steel
50A400 , 35A300 lower than 20% . Without annealing treatment 65R-B high iron loss in the silicon steel sheet
frequency range lower than 50A400, but in the high frequency range, and 35A300 roughly equivalent . Therefore ,
from the reduced iron loss and improve efficiency , the high silicon steel sheet annealing process is very
important .Further , the silicon steel sheet for 65R-B , although a large number of iron loss , but because it
has high mechanical strength , can withstand large ultra-high speed centrifugal force , suitable as ultra-high
speed rotor of the motor parts . NKK to use such a high silicon electrical steel aiming at the motor vehicle ,
if the motor vehicle is still powered by the battery charge , then , to reduce the power loss is very important

2, transformer 3% si oriented silicon steel laminations core is placed on the middle of the thickness direction
, which are stacked on both sides of the core is 6.5% si of silicon , a common component of the core . And leg
section of the core in silicon 6.5% si proportion of the yoke to be larger than that . The core structure can
50H and 60H basic cycle component -oriented silicon steel to withstand the most , while the high-frequency
component by 6.5% si of silicon is exposed。Therefore, the high-frequency magnetic flux leakage leg accounted
for the high frequency components of the main magnetic flux ratio becomes small, then the yoke flux wave and
legs of an imbalance to be digested , the noise ( noise is generated by the transformer core in a magnetic loop
by continuous swelling - shrinkage caused laminations , i.e. AC magnetostriction phenomenon ) significant
reduction , for example , in the inverter power supply transformer , you can achieve the low noise 20 ~ 30db .
Therefore , with a 6.5% Si silicon steel sheet produced by the core can be downsized,6.5% si such electrical
steel with a low loss, low noise, soft magnetic material enables the miniaturization of electrical and
electronic equipment , high speed. To overcome the high silicon electrical steel brittle negative factors in
recent years, by adding a third element ( nickel , fierce , aluminum ) to improve the processing performance of
research , has achieved some results .

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