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Electrical steel knowledge summary

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  • Release on:2015-01-20
Electrical steel knowledge summary
Also known as silicon electrical steel , electricity, electronics and military industries indispensable soft magnetic alloy, is also the largest output of metal functional materials, mainly used for all kinds of motors, generators and transformers core . Its complex production process , strict manufacturing technology , foreign production technologies are patent protected form , as life . Manufacturing technology and product quality is a
measure of the level of electrical steel special steel production and technological development is one important indicator of a country.Currently the number of cold-rolled electrical steel, quality , specification grade , can
not meet the energy ( electricity ) demand for industrial development, compared with Japan in production technology, equipment , management and other aspects of scientific research , there is a big gap. Worldwide
electrical output of about 7 million tons of steel.In recent years, especially in recent years with the rapid development of China's power , electrical industry, China 's rapid increase in demand for silicon steel
consumption in 2004 accounted for almost half of the world production of silicon steel , silicon steel
production in China leads into the a period of rapid development , but still can not meet domestic demand,
imports of silicon steel 1.64 million tons in 2004 . Electrical steel has been a century of history, electrical
steel , including Si <0.5% electrical steel and Si content of 0.5 to 6.5% silicon steel types , mainly used for
various motors, transformers and ballasts core , electricity, electronics and military industry indispensable
soft magnetic alloy.The largest amount of electrical steel , is also a significant saving in magnetic materials
Metals. Electrical steel, especially oriented silicon steel complex manufacturing processes and equipment ,
strict control components , manufacturing process longer and more factors that affect performance , so often
seen as the oriented silicon steel product quality is a measure of a country's special steel manufacturing
technology an important symbol and access to special steels "art product" beauty.

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