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Ceramic Category

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  • Release on:2015-01-16
Ceramic Category

Common materials

Using natural raw materials such as feldspar , quartz, clay and sintering , is typical of silicate material ,
the main elements are silicon , aluminum , oxygen , these three elements , 90% of the total crust elements ,
ordinary ceramic abundant source low cost , mature technology . Such ceramic according to the performance
characteristics and uses can be divided into household ceramics, architectural ceramics, electrical insulating
ceramics, chemical ceramics, etc.

Special Materials

High purity synthetic materials , the use of sophisticated control forming sintering process generally has some
special properties to suit a variety of needs. According to its main component , an oxide ceramics, nitride
ceramics , carbide ceramics , metal ceramics , etc ; special ceramics with special mechanical , optical ,
acoustic , electric , magnetic, thermal and other properties. This section describes the special ceramics .

Specialty Materials Category

Depending on the application , special ceramic materials can be divided into structural ceramics , tools,
ceramics, functional ceramics.

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