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A big dinner with our University classmates

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2015-01-12
A big dinner with our University classmates

Last weekend, we have a big party with our classmates. When they came to my house at noon , greeting for everyone for a while, then ask everyone's situation , they begin to play Majiang, one of them are very luck, won a few discs.

This time we are playing the main pot , dishes are: cabbage , Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts , cucumbers , mushrooms , lily, lotus root , parsley , lettuce, cabbage, potato chips , mushroom, mushrooms , lily, seaweed, tofu leather , dried bean , vegetarian chicken , dry tea , tofu bubble , sausage, sausage , lamb rolls, lamb skewers , tripe , squid , fish, fish balls, shrimp balls , etc.

We eat while taking pictures, very happy . Very pleased that people can be so neat . Hope to have more such opportunities for dinner

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