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Danish diet

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Danish diet

Open Sandwich

Sandwiches we all know, is sandwiched between two pieces of bread on the ham, vegetables, eggs and so on. So by definition is open only a bread sandwich , filled with a variety
of foods above . Open sandwich is a basic raw material for bread and butter . Danes emphasis is on soft bread , crispy crust . World-famous Danish butter , salt is characterized
by relatively small, light taste , Danes like a very thick layer of plaster , bite wipe the bread, top teeth marks clearly visible, so dubbed the " teeth butter ." In addition
to butter , but also can directly use oil-soaked bread , the bread added lard flavored with special spices , duck fat or goose fat , popular with Danes like.

Open to mention a hearty sandwich , but it's nutritious, attractive appetite for Danish people like salt as indispensable . Danes have missed it almost every day at noon , "
office worker " good home -made sandwiches, neatly wrapped with aluminum foil , to the office to eat . The pupils also use small boxes filled with sandwiches to school to eat.

Open eat sandwiches generally accompanied by beer and wine cold snaps , which is typical of Danish habits. One Danish writer once said: " The Vikings are considered cool calm
born ethnic bingeing but when we open sandwich, you will find that we are easily excited and full of imagination. force . "

Cold table

Cold table with Danish open sandwiches par food specialties . Cold table is to provide a wealth of hot and cold food buffet, filled with fish, meat , vegetables, salads, sweets
, cheese and fruit on a large table, self-created by the diner . This is the Danes the most common form of hospitality.

So say , you might think the so-called cold table too bland , but when you saw a good layout when cold table , maybe it will feel different. The Chinese cuisine with emphasis on
color, smell , taste compared to the Danes seem to pay attention to visual effects , not only coordinated to match the color of the food itself , and tablecloths, cutlery ,
environment also designed to give people the joy of beauty . Take for instance tableware , porcelain is quite well known in Denmark , the Danish people like to collect beautiful
porcelain tableware , put on beautiful plates at the buffet , guests often attracted praise , so that its owner proud.

Eat cold table is very particular about the rules and put the plate heaped like a hodgepodge , it will provoke Danes joke . The correct approach is to start with herring begins,
it is appetizing appetizer , followed by an optional some other fish and caviar . When the fish can drink a little wine , with Danish words, " wine allows herring swim ." After
eating the fish , you should change a clean plate and then take some cooked meat , salad or hot food , the principle is to eat a dish for a dish . After eating hot dishes, and
then choose the sweets , cheese and fruit ., and finally a cup of coffee.

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