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Danish customs

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  • Release on:2015-01-09
Danish customs

Danes in social situations elegant , never loud , never showing anxiety panic。

Danes work more slowly , although they are the most relaxed Scandinavians , but the Danes during working hours is still very serious, conservative attitude , seriously . And out
of his office , do not forget to shake hands for the ceremony. Sales attitude is best to take a more moderate stance. Jiazhongzuoke if they are invited to the other side , be
sure to bring flowers to the best of their ancestors to send flowers , or bring some unusual exquisite gifts, be on time , which is the basic principle.

Danish people good, simple, not impatient , calm and cordial. Program is strong, everything is orderly , neatly . So arranges very slow , such as when business negotiations ,
they must follow along a scratch stated otherwise , do not bother.

In Denmark, was invited to a private guest house , it should arrive within a quarter of an hour of the appointed time . Hostess should be given routinely to send a bouquet of
flowers , or chocolates , wine , etc., as a gift. At the table, there are many rules Danes toast . Guests should first toast to toast after toast to wait for the owner . In
addition , the owner did not say " please " Before , nobody should touch the glass. Danes when talking with guests , always used a little farther away from the two sides ,
generally about 1.2 meters is more appropriate.

Danes do not like people looking for them to talk business in July and August , because their country long winter , people cherish the time this summer about two months . If
someone bother them at this time , it is difficult sincerely intended by the warm reception.

Danes optimistic by nature , good to make foreign friends , and with the friendly. But China's lack of understanding. Danes are generally not exclusive, there is no racial
discrimination and ethnic conflicts.

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