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Chinese customers - Die Casting Project

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2015-01-08
Chinese customers - Die Casting Project

Today, customers come to our factory to visit the three men . A man named Belinda, is their company's business , the other two are engineering . Belinda is the foreign trade companies, their demand for many types of products
, there are die-casting , injection molded parts and some electronic products . They are currently the major European markets are doing .

Customers have come to visit our factory, mainly to talk about this piece die- aviation projects. Customer annual demand is not large , the number of only 1000-2000 each . Because it is used in the aviation above , so functional requirements more stringent , requiring surface treatment Not particularly high. The casting is exported to France.

About the quality of the control of this , is that each customer is concerned , this is not another client . They are concerned about incoming inspection , inspection , shipping all seized , as well as testing and inspection . The issues raised by customers , we project all detailed answers.First, we each will do a lot of
incoming labeling and detection in order to track the status of the goods appear later ; in the production of goods coming , quality inspection departments every hour sampling of the products produced , if the time period there are several problems with the product , we will immediately stop production, check the problem, this time
as scrap products , until there solutions , began production again . Do flaw detection , is a very time- consuming process , because every one of detection products, general flaw detection test is sampling. Finally, the appearance of full inspection , without question , arrange shipping.

Currently we encountered more general quality problem is mainly for exterior scratches, cold material have watermarks , strain , etc., are some of the main features dimensional tolerances are not in place and so on . For the die-casting industry products , usually appear sand holes , this problem can not be avoided. But the emergence of sand holes also have a standard , more than the standard whom failed. Sand holes appear unqualified, possibly forming a die-casting mold design process and the emergence of a quality control problem.

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