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Danish science, education

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Danish science, education

The most famous Danes probably will belong to the fairy tale master Hans Christian Andersen , and his most famous works are " The Little Mermaid " , "The King 's New Clothes "
and " The Ugly Duckling" and so on. Among them, "The Little Mermaid " for the image of the famous sculpture has been quietly standing in the sea in memory of the master. Other
famous Danes have:

Philosopher Kierkegaard (S & oslash; ren Kierkegaard) physicist Niels Bohr , Werner Heisenberg , he and students together founded the famous school of quantum mechanics is
called " Copenhagen School".

So far a total of 13 Danes won the Nobel Prize . Is a world leader in terms of biology, environmental science, meteorology , and immunology . So that each member of society to
pursue the principle of equality and cultural development in culture, encouraging local cultural development.

2003 5178 public libraries across the country , various museums 271 , 961 500 visitors in . Year Danish royal palace - Fredericksburg has become the National History Museum.

Danes love reading. Fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen 's literary works of world literature reached its peak , Denmark is known as " fairy tales ," said. 1975
International Film Festival held every fairy tale , Chinese cartoon " Moody " won the 3rd gold medal in 1979 in Andersen 's hometown Odense City (Odense).

Carl Theodor Dreyer Carl Theodor Dreyer, the Danish film master , founder of Danish art of cinema . Dreyer influenced later many directors , including some well-known film
masters , such as Robert Bresson , Lars von Trier , Theo Angelopoulos and so on. Dreyer shot one of its most remarkable film " day of rage " , the film describes the occurrence
of a fatal case in the 17th century witchcraft , and its peculiar plot of amazing people , contains a deep meaning. 1955 filming the movie " Promise" , and because the film won
the Venice International Film Festival Awards.

Karen Blixen is famous female novelist of the 20th century , she lived for 20 years in Africa, widespread in the world works . The movie " Out of Africa" ??( 1985 ) that is
adapted according to his memoirs.

Denmark 's world-famous choreography , often at the Royal Danish Ballet on tour around the world.

Danish silver design is quite famous, such as George Jensen silverware classic artists.

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