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Denmark Introduction

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Kingdom of Denmark ( Danish : Kongeriget Danmark), referred to as Denmark , the Nordic countries, with the two Dominions , one is Faroe Islands , Greenland, the other one is . Denmark native include Jutland , Phin Island Zealand and nearby islands.

Danish government is a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy , parliament in the capital, Copenhagen . Denmark is a unitary state , the central government has considerable power , and is responsible for the territorial Faroe Islands and Greenland are part of the transaction.

Denmark is one of the EU member states , is one of the founding members of NATO . Danish socialist economy with a strong color , personal income tax rates are generally more than 50 percent owned agriculture , small- scale enterprises chemical , loose welfare system , a stable currency and a high degree of reliance on international trade. Denmark is a typical welfare state . [ 1 ] Denmark is also one of the founding members of NATO , one of the EU member states. Denmark is the EU member states , is one of the founding members of NATO.

Danish natural resources than the poor. In addition to the oil and gas, other minerals rarely required all rely on imported coal . North Sea Continental Shelf oil reserves are estimated at 290 million tons , natural gas reserves of about 200 billion cubic meters . Since 1972, the exploitation of oil in 2010, 12.32 million tons annual output of oil , Europe 's third largest oil exporter. 8.09 billion cubic meters of natural gas , 90 million cubic meters of proven reserves of lignite . Covering an area of ??486,000 hectares of forest coverage rate of about 10 %. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea for offshore fishing grounds.

Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Koebenhavn) is the Nordic region's largest city , meaning " merchant port ", there is a free port and airport, the transportation hub of the world , due to the domination of Europe 's oldest royal time royal Queen Margrethe II live here Therefore it has a nickname - "Queen city", population 501,000 ( January 2006 ) , the city's rich art and culture due to the nature and in 1996 was named the European Capital of Culture . [ 3] The other major economic centers include : Aarhus , Odense and Aalborg , etc.

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