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Laser engraving

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  • Release on:2014-12-31
Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a surface treatment process , similar and screen printing , pad printing, printing , or are
in the product design and the like, different techniques, different prices

Work Style

Refers to laser engraving laser engraving , which is carved traces cause chemical changes in the surface layer
material by physical energy of the laser beam , or by burning part of the light material , showing the required
etched graphics, text ; engraving method according to can be divided into lattice vector engraving and cutting.

Lattice sculpture - resembles a high-definition dot matrix printing ; laser head from side to side , each
carving out a series of points of a line , and then the laser head moves up and down while carving out a number
of lines , the last full-page diagram constitute like or text ; the graphics, text and vector graphics can be
used to scan the dot engraving.

Lattice vector cutting and engraving , vector cutting in line for the outline graphic . This mode is usually
used on wood, paper, acrylic and other materials through the cut , it can operate in a variety of marking the
surface !

Performance of a laser engraving machine is mainly its speed carving , engraving intensity and spot size is

Engraving speed refers to the speed of the laser head is moved , usually IPS ( inches / sec ) is expressed ;
bring high-speed production efficiency ; can also be used to control the speed of the cutting or engraving depth
, for a given laser intensity , the speed slow , cutting or carving the greater depth . Engraving speed laser
engraving machine can be used to adjust the control panel , you can also take advantage of the computer's
printer driver to adjust . In the range of 1% to 100% , the adjustment is 1% .

Carving the greater the intensity , depth, cutting or engraving is also deeper.

Spot size can be adjusted lenses of different focal lengths ; small spot lens suitable for high-resolution
engraving ; large spot lens for the lower resolution of the engraving , but it is the best choice vector
engraving ; usually standard the lens is 2.0 inches , and its spot size in the middle , for various occasions.

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