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Chinese traditions in New Years

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Chinese traditions in New Years

Sweep dust
" Twenty-four , dusting sweep the house ," according to "Lu " records, there is the Chinese New Year of the Yao and Shun age sweep dust customs. By folk saying: because of "
dust" and " Chen " Homophonic , Spring sweep dust there ." In addition to Chen cloth new " meaning , the intention is to make all poor luck , bad luck all swept out . Every
Spring Festival , every household cleaning environment ,Cleaning of utensils , bedding and washable curtains, sweep the six Chonglu courtyard , whisk whisk dirt cobweb ,
dredging Nullah Ditch.

Everywhere filled with joy engage in health , clean Spring joy.

Stay up
New Year's Eve stay up is one of the most important activities in vulgar , vulgar stay up for a long time . The earliest record found " endemic Chi" at the Western Jin week :
New Year's Eve , presented each phase , called "Feed- year-old " ; food and wine from the nearby , called " Do -year-old " ; young and old gather to drink , toast complete,
called" sub- year-old " ; we do not sleep all night , pending dawn , called called" stay up ".

Since the Han Dynasty, the old and the new year is usually a time alternating midnight.

Happy New Year
Modern society greeting cards accepted in ancient China, has been implemented . Has been used as early as the New Year 's greeting cards exclusively between the Song Dynasty,
nobility family and relatives scholar , called " name Thorn "or" name attached . " It is the plum Jianzhi cut about two inches wide and three inches long card , write his name
and address on each stick a red paper bag house, known as the" door Book " , on which was written the name of the owner to receive the name of thorns ( name attached ) . Thanks
to those who voted were stabbed ( name attached ) to the door book , that means New Year, its significance and modern , like greeting cards.


Couplets also Mengen right, spring stick , couplets, pairs, such as Spring Festival , it neat , duality , simple , sophisticated text rendering the background , to express good
wishes , is endemic to China Literary form . Every New Year , both urban and rural areas, a household must be selected red spring couplet associated affixed to the door , to
increase the festive holiday atmosphere. Since this practice in Song , has become popular in the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, the ideological and artistic scrolls have been
greatly improved, Zhang Liang moment couplets written monograph " threshold associated Cong words " from the pair of couplets,Features sources and various works have been
The more types of scrolls , according to their place of use, can be divided into the door heart , box right, Hengpi , spring bars , Doufang so on. " Door heart" affixed to the
The upper end of the central portion of the door ; "box on the" affixed to the left and right door ; " Hengpi " posted on the door of the crossbar Mei ; "Spring of" Depending on
the content , affixed to the appropriate place ; " Doo jin " also called " door leaf " for square diamond , multi stick furniture , screen wall in.

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