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Chinese New Year

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  • Release on:2014-12-30
Chinese New Year

Spring Festival is the most distinctive Chinese traditional festival , Chinese Spring Festival has over 4000 years of history , the origin of Chinese New Year in a variety of
claims , but the generally accepted view.

Spring Festival period rise by Shun . Chinese New Year is generally a lunar month , is the first day of the year, known as the lunar year , commonly known as " Spring Festival"
; but the Spring Festival in the private sector, in the traditional sense is Refers to the Greek festival or the 12th month, 23 or 24 Jizao twelfth lunar month , until the
nineteenth month , with New Year's Eve and the first day for the climax. During the Spring Festival , China 's Han and a some ethnic minorities have held various activities to

These activities are designed for worship ancestral gods , and pay homage to ancestors , blow away the cobwebs and meet the millennium blessing , pray for harvest as the main
content. Spring rich colorful activities with strong ethnic characteristics. Influenced by Chinese culture , Chinese cultural circle belong to some of the state and nation are
also celebrating the Chinese New Year customs.

Chinese New Year is an important carrier of the fine traditional Chinese culture , Chinese culture contains the wisdom and crystallization , cohesion and emotional sustenance of
life to pursue the Chinese people, heritage Ethics Chinese society ; therefore , we must vigorously carry forward the fine traditional culture of the Chinese New Year of the
condensation , highlighting the New Year , blessed reunion peace, prosperity , etc.
And other topics , and strive to create family harmony, stability and unity , happy and peaceful festive atmosphere , promote Chinese culture timeless, continue to grow.

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