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PU material for industrial applications

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  • Release on:2014-12-26
PU material for industrial applications
PU soft foam Flexible PU
Mat material - such as chairs, sofas , mattresses , etc., polyurethane foam is an ideal mat of material , soft foam mat material is the largest amount of applications ;
Sound-absorbing material - perforated polyurethane foam has good acoustic absorber function can be used as interior insulation materials ;
Fabric composites - shoulder pads, bra sponge, cotton ; toys;aluminum die casting inc buy aluminum die casting partsaluminum die casting co incaluminum die casting;
PU Rigid PU foam
Refrigeration equipment - such as refrigerators, freezers, cold storage, refrigerated trucks , etc., polyurethane foam is the best insulation material refrigerated equipment ;
Industrial equipment insulation - such as tanks, pipes, etc. ;
Building materials - in European and American countries , rigid polyurethane foam used in construction accounts for about 70% of the total consumption of rigid foam , is more
than double refrigerators , freezers , etc. The amount of foam ; in China , foam application is not in the construction industry like Western countries as widespread , so the
development of the potential is very large;
Transportation - such as car roof , interior parts ( steering wheel, dashboard ) , etc ;
Imitation wood - high density ( density 300 ~ 700kg / m3) polyurethane foam or glass fiber reinforced rigid foam structure , also known as imitation wood , with high strength ,
good toughness, tenacity dense crust , simple molding process to produce high efficiency , high strength comparable to natural wood,Low density than natural wood can be used for
all kinds of high-end alternative to wood products.
Potting material - such as waterproof grout material , plugging materials, roofing materials.
Flower industry --PU pots, flower arranging mud.