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Americans how to Celebrate Christmas

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  • Release on:2014-12-25
In the past, the United States is very simple Christmas , but now , Christmas has become a mix of various rituals and festive gatherings day. During the festival, people visiting friends and relatives , to send each other gifts, party celebration , arranged Christmas decorations, and engaged in charitable activities , and of course the kids ask Santa Claus to give a blessing .aluminum die casting buy die cast aluminum cookwarealuminum die casting,aluminum die casting co inc

During the Christmas season , consumers across the country because of the crazy shopping and worn out , but also boosts the earnings of the store, every Christmas , people seem to be so spent. But Christmas is much more than that.
For Americans, Christmas is a sentimental day, people want most is friends and family together. Taylor . Beasley , he is most looking forward to spending Christmas with my father . Tyler 's father, Marine Sergeant Rodney . Beasley stationed in Iraq. He not only came back for Christmas , Santa Claus also to Tyler 's classroom to surprise him . However , after two weeks , Sergeant Beasley returns to Iraq .

US Marines held every year the annual Christmas toy donation , people donated a variety of toys and gifts for underprivileged children. Volunteers take the children into a makeshift store and let them pick their favorite gift. The national program has helped millions of children.

People across the country are celebrating the Christmas lights and decorations . In a residential area in Texas , people with colorful Christmas lights decorated the house . Some families with Christmas decorations still current political topics. One owner of the house to explain why he wants to Christmas decorations. He said: "Many people are surprised to see after our Christmas decorations, they said : I have never seen such a decoration , which makes us happy , we feel that their efforts worthwhile ."

For many Americans, an enduring symbol of Christmas is the National Christmas Tree on the National Mall in Washington . On an evening ceremony usually lit tree Christmas tree by the President or the First Lady . For many Christians, Christmas candles may be the best gift.