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  • Author:Nancy
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  • Release on:2014-12-22
It is said that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Ghost , born of the virgin Mary . God even sent messengers unto Joseph in a dream Gabriel , Mary told him not to because she was unmarried and not pregnant , but to get married with her , put the child named " Jesus" , he meant to the people from their sins rescued .

When Mary is about to give birth , when the Roman government gave the order , be sure to declare all the people to Bethlehem household . Joseph and Mary had no choice but to obey . When they arrived in Bethlehem , the weather has been stunning , but unfortunately could not find the two hotel accommodation, only one stable can be temporary . At this point, Jesus was born . So Mary only in the manger , Jesus was born . After commemorate the birth of Jesus, then set December 25 for Christmas every year for mass to commemorate the birth of Jesus.