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Phosphor copper material

  • Author:Nancy
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-21
Copper (phosphor bronze) (bronze) (tin phosphor bronze) 0.03~0.35% degassing agent phosphorus content of P added by the bronze, tin content in 5~8%. and other trace elements such as iron, Fe, zinc Zn component ductility, fatigue resistance are good and can be used for electrical and mechanical materials, reliability is higher than the general copper alloy products bronze original. Refers to an alloy of copper and tin, brass, copper nickel alloy copper alloy in addition to outside all say after the bronze, and often dubbed the first main add elements in the bronze name first name. Tin bronze casting performance, better friction reducing properties and good mechanical properties, suitable for manufacturing bearing, worm, gear and so on.

Bearing materials widely used in modern engine and grinder is lead bronze. Aluminum bronze with high strength, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, used for casting high load gear, shaft sleeve, marine propeller. The elastic limit of beryllium bronze and phosphor bronze high, good conductivity, suitable for the production of precision springs and electrical contact element, non sparking tools beryllium bronze is also used to make coal, oil depots and other use