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Casting Common Defects

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-20
Casting Common Defects
A. poured less ( due to cast ) : Liquid Metal is not filled cavity caused by
lack of meat metal castings .
B. cold traps : There is a gap not fully converged on casting its edges smooth
handover .
C. scarring ( RPM ) : There are different sizes on the casting surface ,
irregularly shaped scar sheet strong projection .
D. leather folder : Alice tongue casting surface scars block the emergence of
local , inter- clip -shaped scar on the block with cast -shell .
E. depression : casting surface irregular depressions and grooves stripes .
F, toad skin: casting surface localized severe irregularities .
G. drum kits : casting surface localized swelling , swelling smooth surface .
H. iron thorn : casting surface appears many scattered or dense small thrusting
I. pitting : dense dot -shaped pits on the surface of the casting .
J. iron beads: recess or corner of castings have extra smooth metal particles.
K. embedded beans : inlay and incomplete fusion and casting metal particles in
the casting.
L. shrinkage : Internal casting form irregular rough surface holes.
M. focus pores : within casting has smooth bright or dark hole .
N. porous pores and pinholes : tiny perforations dispersed or concentrated on
casting .
O. peeling sand ( sand filled ) : casting surface or internal shell is made of
refractory or shell , such as filling the holes.
Q. slag : casting surface or inside the hole to be filled slag .
R. sticky sand : the casting surface of the metal shell and firmly bonded
material . Divided two kinds of mechanical and chemical sticky sand .
S. thermal cracking : casting surface or internally generated between irregular
crystal cracks.
T. cold cracking : continuous casting penetrating cracks .