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Sand casting production process

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-20
Sand casting production process
1 . Production planning process → → wooden mold with sand modeling → ??drying
→ → → smelting buckle box casting → ??cooling → ??→ → thrown out of the box
→→ gas cutting grinding sand → → → welding test storage.

2.illustrate the key process
2.1 with new sand sand sand the old ratio of 4 : 6 shall not be less than 15
minutes , 2% to 8 % clay , sand grind time . Time is not the sand and mix
thoroughly,Was less than three hours.

2.2 Integrated shrinkage during casting in the casting alloy due to shrinkage ,
expansion and other factors shell formed by about 3% , wood When mold making
allowance left 3mm standard drawings on the basis of the process.

2.3 modeling two boxes , wooden model should be strictly justified, down two
match boxes and check mark clearly aligned , full pressure molding sand.
Tight upper and lower boundaries sprinkle a small amount of quartz sand . The
special structure of the interval iron cores should be inserted in its place
breakable agency (4mm wire) , Insert a number of vents ( to prevent air bubbles
pouring ) , good tapered spout and riser.

2.4 mold drying process should be strictly in accordance with the different
sand different heating system operation , the main oil gun directly baking.

2.5 buckle box should be strictly aligned to mark prevail.

2.6 So the material is Q235 2.6 smelting scrap steel , yield strength : 235mpa,
or ZG400-200, equipment used for SCR Medium frequency induction furnace ,
mainly as follows: rated AC voltage : 380V, IF input power : 500KW maximum AC
current:850A, IF voltage : 780V Frequency : 50HZ, Phase: Three-phase.