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Waterjet Cutting Features And Advantage

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-18
Waterjet Cutting Features And Advantage

1, can cut a wide range of Most of the materials can be cut , such as: metal , marble, glass and so on .

2 , good cutting quality Smooth incision , no rough , has a burr edge .

3, no thermal processing Because it is the use of water and abrasive cutting , does not produce heat in the
process ( or generate very little heat ) , this effect is a thermal effect on the material is ideal . Such as:

4 , environmental protection
This machine uses water and cut , this sand does not produce toxic gases in the process , can be directly discharged , more environmentally friendly .

5 , no need to replace the tool

You do not need to replace the cutter device , a nozzle can be processed in different types of materials and
shapes , cost and time savings .

6 , reducing glitch
Sand abrasive waterjet cutting , cuts fewer glitches

7 , the programming quickly
Program is mainly generated by the CAD drawing software , you can freely design the layout chart, or enter the
generated DXF files from other software , in addition , the machine supports third-party software, such as
nesting nesting layout software ( for the graphics fill up the workpiece , the workpiece can minimize the loss )

8 , fast programming

Can be generated by other software programs into the machine , it can establish the toolpath from CAD, and will
make precise positioning and cutting speeds of more than 2,000 points in the head / inch ( 800 dots / cm) is
calculated , you need to do just specify your material and thickness to be cut , the other to the machine to
complete the work .

9 , in combination with other devices can be operated separately .
Water cutting machine and other processing equipment group with ( such as drilling head ) , full use of its
performance and optimize the degree of use of the material .

10 , reduce the number of adjustments
Only a very small workpiece side pressure can be fixed, and reduce the complexity of the clamping bring trouble
11 , no restriction cutting direction of → can complete a variety of different cutting shapes.

12 , the horizontal and vertical forces can be reduced to produce minimal → set the time and cost of using
fixtures .

13 , with the same kind of machine to complete drilling and cutting function → can reduce process time and
cutting costs.

14 , does not produce thermal effects or fracture deformation or subtle → without secondary processing , saving
time and manufacturing costs.

15 , does not produce toxic gases → can provide a better working environment for the operator.

16 , no flash → can shorten the time required for the manufacture of the workpiece and manufacturing costs.

17 , cuts a fine → can reduce a lot of waste materials generated , direct manufacturing cost savings .

18 , once completed cutting the workpiece and has a good quality → trimming process can reduce the time and

19 , depending on the design and the workpiece material to make adjustments resilient → can be shortened from orders to finished output time, improve your productivity , your business will bring more business opportunities.