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Waterjet Cutting

  • Author:naky
  • Release on:2014-12-16

Waterjet Cutting

Water cutting , waterjet cutting , also known as , is a high-pressure water cutting machine. Under the control of the computer can be arbitrarily carved artifacts, but also by the impact of small material texture . Because of its low cost , easy operation, and high yield , water jet cutting technology is becoming mainstream industrial cutting cutting mode.


Gaza situation to points : water cutting into Gaza without Shaqie cut and cut two ways.

With equipment to points : divided into large and small water cutting water jet cutting .

With pressure points : divided into high pressure and low pressure type , generally bounded 100MPa . 100MPa above for high-pressure type , 100MPa following low pressure type . The above 200MPa for EHV type .

With technical principles to points : divided into pre and post- mix formula mixed type .

Cutting to secure points : cutting into the safety and non- safety cut class , the main difference in pressure above , 100MPa following low pressure type water cut can be used
in special industries such as: hazardous areas , petroleum , coal, hazardous materials handling. [ After a lot of experiments it was found that when the pressure exceeds a
certain threshold , even if water is also sensitive to certain chemicals detonated, and sandy water containing abrasive water jet cutting due to sand , sand and potential impact and object collisions, energy generated will cause instability in specialty chemicals , after a lot of experimentation and demonstration, the conclusion that the threshold at around 237.6MPa. Therefore, in water-cutting industry , people 200MPa cut above the water is mainly used in the machining industry . ]