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Casting production control and analysis of the cost price of manufacture

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-12-15
Casting production control and analysis of the cost price of manufacture

(一) the die-casting production costs constitute
The cost of production is the production cost of production units for the production of goods or providing service , including the direct expenses and manufacturing costs . Direct costs include direct materials ( raw materials, auxiliary materials, spare parts , fuel and power, etc. ) , direct labor ( production staff salaries, subsidies ) , other direct expenses ( such as welfare );Refers to the plant manufacturing costs within the enterprise , organization and management of production workshop for all costs incurred , including factory , workshop management salaries , depreciation , maintenance , repairs , and other manufacturing costs ( office expenses , travel expenses, labor premium , etc. ) . Because labor costs and ancillary costs proportion of light, while the cost of raw materials , mold design and equipment costs main influencing factors , but also because casting in upstream production processes , not directly based on market demand , this article will focus on the production cost of manufacturing control .

(二)the die-casting manufacturing cost control analysis
Adhere to the scientific improvement, improve efficiency, reduce costs that KTJ theory, lean production (Lean Manufacture) principle. The correct choice of management model is closely related to , the following apply KTJ theory and lean manufacturing, lean management costs Fast company used for analysis.

A raw material procurement cost control analysis
In casting plant in operation, cost control is a key factor in business profitable , win market share , and purchase cost control is an important cost control them. Especially the die-casting industry , raw material costs accounted for more than 50% of the total cost of the entire enterprise . Die-cast aluminum control procurement costs for the survival and development of enterprises has a decisive influence . Control of procurement costs can not simply just consider lowering the price procurement of materials, should also consider establishing a sound procurement system , the implementation of supplier access system, the introduction of competitive bidding mechanism. Looking for , selecting suppliers follow the following principles :
Second, develop a rigorous procurement system to reduce material procurement prices.

Third, at the time of purchase considering purchase timing, volume and mode of transport , through inventory , production process monitoring, control, reduce material inventory cycle, reduce delivery costs , transportation and warehousing , by selecting and taking into account the reduced transportation costs At the same time the quality is not compromised , change

Relative increase in corporate profits. Finally , the entire procurement process , and always adhere to the material goods "zero defect" principle, the cost of quality and total quality management combined. To some extent, reduce procurement cost of quality , providing enterprise competitiveness.