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Magnetic grinding principles and characteristics

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-12-13
Magnetic grinding principles and characteristics

Magnetic grinding under strong magnetic field, the magnetic field is filled in the abrasive is lined up along the direction of the magnetic field lines , adsorbed on the pole to form a " abrasive brush" , and have a surface。Certain pressure , the magnetic poles in the drive " abrasive brush " spin while maintaining a certain gap to move along the surface , enabling the workpiece surface finishing。In the processing of the magnetic abrasive grains by FIG stress state " , the action by the
abrasive surface normal force and tangential force , force of abrasive grains have a tendency to scatter the tangential direction , but due to the magnetic field effect , but also by grains along。A pressing force and the direction of magnetic field lines the magnetic workpiece along the direction of the equipotential lines of force to prevent the flow of abrasive
grains to the outside of the machining area , thus ensuring the normal grinding work.

Processing Features
( 1 ) self-sharpening abrasive performance, strong grinding capacity , high efficiency , can automatically adjust the grind
cutting force , to achieve the mechanical parts of the surface of precision grinding.
( 2 ) temperature rise is small , small deformation of the workpiece。Depth of cut is small, smooth surface machining ,
machining accuracy up to 0.01mm.
( 3 ) the surface of the alternating field , and strengthen the surface of the electrochemical process , changing the state
of the surface stress distribution, Improved physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece surface.
( 4 ) the processing object adaptable, you can grind the inner and outer surfaces of flat, curved and complex shapes , such
as the elbow , " tube , shaped table Surface , the inner surface of the small parts of the bottleneck .
( 5 ) has a magnetic grinding means alternating magnetic field due to no moving parts, thus reliable operation , greatly
improve the life of the equipment . However , due to the current magnetic abrasive.Higher production costs , clamping and
workpiece demagnetization problem has not been resolved, there are difficulties in mass production .