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Magnetic Grinding Technology Research Status

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-13
Magnetic Grinding Technology Research Status
Magnetic grinding technique was first proposed in 1938 by the former Soviet engineer Kargolow, refers to the use of a supporting role in the magnetic field, carried out a process for precision grinding . After that, the former Soviet Union Bulgaria , Japan and other countries was carried out in-depth research。

So far, foreign magnetic grinding technology has been successfully applied in many aspects . Such as stainless steel tube and the inner wall of the cylinder grinding net,Dressing superabrasive grinding wheel, grinding plastic lens , slender shaft ceramic processing , sewing machine parts , such as deburring and polishing process , improve the use of cutting edge
performance . For domestic magnetic abrasive。The research work was carried out nearly two decades began , after all these years of study , made ??some valuable research results , such as Shanghai Jiaotong University conducted a study in the logistics pipeline magnetic surface。Grinding a revolving magnetic field design H1;

Taiyuan University of Technology developed a process for preparing magnetic abrasive bonding method and hot pressing , and in-depth study of magnetic abrasive grinding mechanism ; Xi'an Institute of feed Line internal circular magnetic grinding effects Numerical simulation of magnetic abrasive machining , and magnetic shielding .

Shandong University of Technology developed a coordinate digitization process control magnetic grinding machine . Because China started relatively late , in terms of theory and experiment and abroad are also not a small gap , is still mainly in the experimental phase of the study, practical application of small, and depth compared with other countries。
Bo is not enough . Therefore, this paper presents a complex surface magnetic grinding method with magnetic abrasive machining tool automatic update function.