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  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-12-11

Precision is the actual size of the machined surface of the part , shape , ideally three geometric parameters and drawings of geometric parameters of conformance . Ideal geometry , in terms of size , is the average size ; on the surface geometry is concerned, is absolutely round , cylindrical , flat , conical and straight , etc ; on the mutual position between the surfaces is concerned, is absolutely parallel vertical , coaxial, symmetry . Deviate from the actual value of the part geometry from the ideal geometric parameters referred to machining error .

Precision products mainly used in the production level of precision and processing errors are evaluated in terms machined surface geometry . Precision with tolerance levels measured level value , the higher the precision ; processing errors expressed numerically , the greater the value , the greater the error . High precision, is a small processing error , and vice versa. Tolerance level from the IT01, IT0, IT1, IT2, IT3 to IT18 a total of 20 , including IT01 indicate if the machining accuracy highest , IT18 indicate if the machining accuracy is the lowest, generally on IT7, IT8 is precision Medium level.

Any actual parameters obtained by processing methods are not absolutely accurate , from the part of the function of view, as long as the processing error within the tolerances required parts diagram , it is considered to ensure the machining accuracy.

Depends on the quality of the machine assembly quality machining quality and machine parts , spare parts processing quality include machining accuracy and surface quality of two parts.
Machining accuracy refers to the extent the actual geometry ( size , shape and position ) parts machined from the ideal geometry consistent . The difference between them is called the processing error .
The size of the processing error reflects the level of precision . The lower the greater the precision error , the higher the smaller the error processing accuracy .