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Spinning Process

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-12-10
Spinning Process

Spinning refers to a combination of forging molding , extrusion, stretching, bending , ring rolling , rolling and less cross- rolling and other technological features , no cutting of advanced processing technology, widely used in the rotary part of the forming process . Is based on the characteristics of the plastic material , the blank card installed on the mandrel and rotates , the choice of rational parameters spinning , spinning tool ( rotary or other shaped pieces ) and the mandrel relatively continuous feed , in order to a very small portion of the workpiece deformation applied pressure on the blank under pressure and produce a continuous pointwise deformation gradually forming a piece of advanced plastic processing method.

So what is called spinning technique , also called metal spinning technology Spinning technology , so that by rotating the force point by point to the line by line to the surface, while giving some pressure in one direction along the metal material the direction of the deformation and flow of a shape forming technology.Here
, the metal material must have plastic deformation or flow properties , spinning is not equivalent plastic deformation , it is a complex process of plastic deformation and flow deformation , especially the need to point out that we are talking about spinning technology is not a single force spinning and spinning general , it is a
combination of both ; for a variety of tube power spinning , processing technology spinning cone shaped body shell molding , is a relatively old proven methods and techniques, but also called rolling method.

Ordinary spinning technology : general spinning mainly to change the shape of the blank wall thickness basically unchanged or change a few spinning process. Spinning mainly ordinary sheet by changing the diameter of the workpiece to shaping , forming process is no cutting machining thin-walled rotors spin- wheel rotating metal disc or a preformed blanks for feed movement and spinning .

Ordinary spinning technology advantages:
1 ) mold manufacturing cycle is short , less than the entire stamping tooling costs about 50 % to 80 %.
2 ) approximately point deformation , rotary pressure lower than the impulse pressure.
3 ) can be completed in one chucking in shaping , trimming , system stems, snap , and other procedures .
4 ) can be shaped other forming methods are difficult to shape or titanium , tungsten and other metals can not
be formed , and the realization of the heating process heating convenient than other molding spinning .
5 ) a wide range of products . Spinning out of the ordinary can be shaped spherical, ellipsoid , curved shaped
bus , cup-shaped , conical and variable cross-section stepped shaped thin-walled rotary part