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History and description of the construction of a lathe

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  • Release on:2014-12-09

History and description of the construction of a lathe

Bench lathe produced about the USSR since 1950. The basic idea of ​​the release of data tools was aimed at training young professionals schools, vocational schools, students, businesses. The basis for the machine was taken to produce while in Czechoslovakia lathe TOS MN80, helping the Soviet Stankoprom its developments. Structurally TV16 had some differences that explained adapting to opportunities.Import injection molding

Soviet clones had some kind of sleazy and a bit lower quality surface treatment. On the quality of the materials used - close to Czech.High quality injection molding

But reztsederzhka Soviet machine had its differences.

Instead of square holes in the toolholder cutters were the usual slots are milled. The spindle is the same - the same on bronze bushings.

Production of these machines were engaged in different plants. At present, among the surviving machines meet the following manufacturers TV 16:

State Machine zd them. Voroshilov Uralsk.

Machine-Building Plant. Kirov Alma-Ata.technology for injection molding buyers in Shenzhen true XY scientific and technical LTD