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the principle and purpose for stud welding

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsullpier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-08
(一)the principle and purpose for stud welding

A method for joining metal stud welding can be studs, pins or welding method is similar to the workpiece welding to connect fasteners .

Welding stud is held in the torch holder , an operator or robot to move the welding torch position , stud contact with the workpiece . Welding gun magnetic lifting mechanism causes the stud and the workpiece to rise out of contact , a pilot arc control means while applying a voltage between the stud and the workpiece , Between the stud and the workpiece lead end surface of the arc , the arc so that the end face of the stud and the workpiece is melted.With solenoid stud was elevated to the set
voltage is applied between the workpiece welding voltage , welding time reaches the preset time , the welding voltage is cut off while the lifting mechanism is de-energized , Stud the elastic force of the spring mechanism of the welding torch is immersed in the bath melted to form a workpiece , the portion of the liquid metal stud extruded metal bath cooling and crystallization to form a common connection joint stud and the workpiece.

二,Welding equipment and welding positioning fixture

Stud welding systems including welding power, welding controllers, feeding mechanism, gun , handsoldering required to ensure accurate positioning jig welded stud welding position.

三,Welding parameters

Select the following model based on stud diameter , welded workpiece material , thickness and other conditions.Stud welding process parameters : arc voltage , lifting height stud , welding voltage ,welding current,Welding time.

四,the welding operation
1, connected to welding power, check the welding cables are securely connected , stud breed feed institutions.Is correct, the number of appropriate delivery nails properly.
2 , when the welding torch and workpiece surface perpendicular to ensure , if not perpendicular to promptly adjust the angle of the welding torch .
3 , welding . To check on a regular basis during welding stud holder burning , and timely replacement. Regular cleaning protective sleeve wall weld spatter.
4 , welding on the surface after cleaning weld spatter.

五, welders
Welders must undergo specialized training and possess the following knowledge and skills:
( 1 ) be familiar with the basic technology welder performance ;
( 2 ) known welder maintenance, use and adjustment ;
( 3 ) known as the technical requirements to be welded assembly , assembly points and usage ;
( 4 ) understand the principle of selection of process parameters , equipment adjustment assistance personnel to adjust the process parameters .