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Design features a lathe 1M63

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  • Release on:2014-12-08

Design features a lathe 1M63

February 21, 1949 Ryazan Machine Tool Works released his first machine. It was a screw-cutting lathe 164 series.Aluminium casting machine Price


163 series machines produced since 1956. Developer machine - Ryazan special office machine tool.high quality of the die casting machine

Every 8-10 years there is a significant upgrade of its design and manufacturing technology. The main initiator of positive changes in design reviews were employees of defense enterprises and foreign experts. To date, thread-cutting machines of any length on the basis of 163 issued under the name of fashion. 1M63N.

Designation of universal screw-cutting lathe 1M63

1 - lathe (group number)

M - generation machine

6 - screw-cutting lathe (number of subgroups)

3 - height of centers over bed (315 mm)

N - modification of the machine (D, L, M, N, P)

G - version of the machine with a recess in the frame

P - version of the machine with high precision according to GOST 8-82

F1 - execution machine with Digital Readout DRO

F3 - execution machine with CNC.XY-global