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Sandblasting operation processing

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-05
Sandblasting operation processing

1, the first open lights, after opening the compressed air valves, air spray nozzle 2 to 5 minutes , so that the pipe in the water spray out , so as not to wet sand and then shutting the valve will lose sand compressed air tube into the sand .

2 , and then into the working parts inside ( small pieces can be fitted with a basket ) , shut the door .

3, then start ventilation equipment , air valve open , blasting . When sandblasting nozzle should be tilted 30 ° ~ 40 °; should be evenly rotated or flipped back and forth slowly moving parts and parts or nozzles , so that parts of the surface subjected to a uniform jet , silver gray until the whole surface of the part so far. ( For the basket to hold small parts, parts jitter flip straight to reach blasting requirements . )

4 , where the parts have precision or finish requirements , you can not blast . If there are local requirements should not blast site on the same part , can only after blasting should be protected.

5 , each batch of parts after spraying , immediately shutting compressed air valve , and then unpack parts.

6, after the general parts sand , handed down procedure, as anti-rust treatment . But matt chrome parts , sandblasting plating treatment immediately after passing .

7 , only requires a cast iron hair spray blasting , sandblasting rust treatment is not performed immediately after passing the post processing plant