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A356 aluminum alloy

  • Author:Jack Zou
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-12-01
A series of A356 aluminum alloy chemical composition,

1:chemical composition
A356.2 alloy ingot chemistry executive standard: ASTM, Si: 7.5-7.5, Mg: 0.30-0.45, Ti "0.2,
Fe in the 0.12, Mn" 0.05, Cu "0.1, with recent" 0.05,Al allowance.

2: the mechanical properties of A356 aluminum alloy

The average performance of A356 aluminum alloy at room temperature for the casting yield
strength and fracture strength, elongation, and reduction of area were 216.64 MPa, 224 MPa,
1.086% and 0.194%, tensile yield strength of the alloy decreases with the increase of
distance away from the water the crossing plane, and the fracture strength is first decreases
and then increases, elongation does not change significantly with height. Reduce the 356.2
alloy is not pure, improvement of mechanical properties is  (better than 356.2 alloy
elongation). Has excellent castability and high strength, and elongation suitable for thin
material and to the place of pressure resistance.

3: advantages

Have good liquidity, no cracking tendency, and ended with narrow, good air tightness good
casting properties, such as the proportion of small, good corrosion resistance, easy to
welding, with the decrease of strength of casting wall thickness to increase the degree of
small, under the as-cast, metamorphic after mechanical performance improvement.

4: the product shape

Standard products shape, mold, metal mould casting.

5: the main purpose

On behalf of the purpose, all kinds of shell, air pump, the aviation joint machine, auto
transmission, belt wheel, tank, to the highest heat resistance stress of material, other
mechanical tools part.