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  • Release on:2014-11-27
Screws, some people call it " screw " [Screw] ( screw ) , " Screw " ( screw rod ) . In fact, the screws are known , and screws, screw rods are mutually different. Screws generally called wood screws ; is that pointed front end , larger pitch , generally used for fastening wooden parts, plastic parts . Screw rod is machine screws ( machine screws ) , is the kind of front-end flat head , small pitch , uniform, generally used for fastening metal , machine parts.

Common specifications and labeling
A: Metric Machine Screws : Metric
Ex: M3 x 6 - PPB: M3 machine screws , 6mm long , cross , round flat head , black-plated .
Finish Code: Appearance handling specifications
Head Code: head shape
Thread Code
Screw Type Drive Code: head post-ditch , feature models.

Length Code: screw length (mm)
A-1: Thread Code: screw type
Metric screw directly to the screw outer diameter of the screw marked models,
M3 screw outer diameter as that of the outside diameter of 3.00mm .; M4 screw that is 4.00mm.
Metric Thread Size x Pitch:
Note: Metric screw to screw type rear, sometimes marked screws from the teeth .
As M3x0.5, M4x0.70, M5x0.8, M6x1.
But because the standards often do not mention.
A-2: Length Code: screw length:
Metric screws, screw directly marked length in mm.
The total length of the screw of the label, calculate the length of the head just below it , without head height .
But flat head screw exception , the total length of the label containing the screw head height .
A-3: Drive Code / head post-ditch , features.