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Kevin Lin:Measurement of the world with their feet

  • Author:Jack Zou
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-11-26
Kevin Lin is our country Taiwan area's famous active marathon runners. On February 20, 2007
22 at night, Charlie he from Taiwan, China and the United States, Canada, ray, shore of the
red sea embrace tears in Egypt, celebrate this trip over a period of 111 days, about 7500
kilometers across the Sahara challenges, finally arrived at the destination, this is the
world record for the first time to write down on foot across the Sahara desert. The sixth
China outdoor golden rhino of the year award winner.

Gradually,Kevin Lin adventurous plan has changed, "the more you go, the more you see, the
idea was more. Walking across the Sahara desert in 2007 has always been my most memorable
experience, our starting point is the Sahara desert in Africa Senegal, menstruation, Libya,
Mauritania, Mali, Niger and other countries in the Sahara desert, the total length of 7500
kilometers, a total of 111 days. In the process of running, the eyes are full of fascinating
scenery, profound history and culture of long so quietly with eyes, let my heart very
passionate. But on the other hand, after these majestic and shocked, I saw the poor and
vulnerable. The crowd scattered in the most difficult in the world and tenacious survival in
the fragile ecological environment, it is a kind of sad. So I have a new idea: the challenge
of the unknown journey, I more hope I can do some meaningful activities, benefit society."