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Industrial Ecology Problems and Solutions

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  • Release on:2014-11-19

Industrial Ecology Problems and Solutions

Scientific and technical achievements, developing world progress, the growth of the productive forces of colossal impact on the environment, causing harm to our unconditional nature. Where it became apparent detrimental effect of consumer attitudes to nature. Environmental issues are becoming more acute. Therefore, it is important that each person has formed a consciousness and understanding of respect for the self, and thus to the world at large.Aluminum die mold making

Passing yards, streets naked eye can observe how the tenants of houses decorate their living spaces came out of the operation of automobile tires. Apply them as beds, children's slides, cut out various shapes and so on. But few people think about the environmental and safety of this phenomenon.

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The rubber tire consists mainly of synthetic rubber, which is made from petroleum, a third rubber mix of carbon black, oils and resins etc. Elements. Used tires are chemical waste Class combustible solids.

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 Of the above-described clear that the use of rubber tires as landscaping yards is dangerous for the residents themselves, and in general for nature. 

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