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Professional slicer for slicing

  • Author:Anna
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  • Release on:2014-11-17

Professional slicer for slicing

Slicer - is the professional equipment for caterers and which cuts the product into pieces of a certain thickness.


Professional (industrial) slicers share on:






Handheld Professional slicers suited for use in small food stores.High quality stamped aluminum casting pots and pans

Semi-industrial slicers used by many cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores. To work with such equipment is not difficult.

cast aluminum.


Automatic professional slicers have a high enough price. For here the cutting process is fully automated, it is necessary to manually put the sliced ​​product on a work surface and set the slice thickness.Shenzhen XY Company  manufactures these products really machines, you can come to our shop to develop.