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Micro letter the phone book coming!

  • Author:Jack Zou
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-11-13
When the "free talk" always do not start, Tencent act quietly.

Late on November 11th,Tencent released micro letter calls this version 1.0, under a banner "hd" free calls and spread the word. Overnight, the micro believe it the phone book to brush through micro circle of friends, and quickly on Itunes searches, no. 1.

12th in the morning, there are too many registered users, tencent server start congestion, micro letter calls this announcement says: login, registration, message validation, etc. The to press, the letter calls this has yet to repair the announcement.

A less perfect opening, does not dilute the masses of users to imagine the world of "free talk", countless people ask: "free talk time has really come? Three carriers do?"

When accepting a reporter to interview the digital operator people's view, "the telephone may not be free. But the phone from traditional mode to voice traffic pattern, already the trend of The Times." Even so, the user calls cost will be greatly reduced. "Ideally, 1 minute telephone only need to consume 100 k flow, flow calculation according to the package, the cost is 1 cent, users spending only 5% - 5% of ordinary voice." An operator, a calculation.

For operators, this means that the future is likely to lose 90% of voice revenue. But remarkably, operators to micro letter calls this the reaction of the potential threat is calm.