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Repair of trucks

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  • Release on:2014-11-13

Repair of trucks

In order to engage in business-Trucking enough to have a small commercial vehicles. But time passes, and the car loses its original appearance. He needs restoration.XY-global

Besides, no one can guarantee that you will not get into an accident in which the truck will get even more serious damage. Accident - the situation is extremely expensive. In this case it is necessary to restore not only the appearance of the truck, but also to follow all safety items of freight transport.aluminum die casting parts

After the car is repaired, it is necessary to check that the load capacity of the frame to which are attached all the mechanisms and other system remained unchanged.

When the trucks need repair?

Most often, freight requires repair under the following faults Body: Damage to paintwork

The appearance of corrosion, which negatively affects the metal parts of the car.andlyuminievogo castingVarious mechanical effects, such as dents, scratches and so on, which usually occur during accidents.