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Sandblast technology

  • Author:Jack Zou
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-11-12
Using high-speed impact cleaning sand flow and coarsening process on the surface of the
substrate. Using compressed air as the power, to form a high-speed jet bundle to spray
material (copper ore, quartz sand, emery sand, iron ore, hainan) high-speed jet to need to
deal with the workpiece surface, make the appearance on the surface of the workpiece surface
appearance or shape change, due to the abrasive impact to the surface and the cutting
effect, make the surface of the workpiece for cleanliness and different roughness, the
workpiece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface, thus improve the fatigue
resistance of the workpiece, increase the adhesion between the coating and its, extend the
durability of the coating, but also to the flow of paint and decoration.

Our company have many parts to need the sandblast surface treatment.For example,OEM/ODM
Casting Aluminium Die Casting plate
,High quality aluminum base for equipment,Customized
metal zinc alloy enclosure
.It is very important for us.