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 Steel is produced by processing cast iron, is primarily in the removal of a portion of the carbon content and the reduction of harmful impurities (sulfur, phosphorus, and others.).

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The main way to get started is a hearth in which the iron is melted in a special furnace with steel scrap or pure oxygen in iron ore. In this case contained in the rust of steel scrap or iron ore oxygen oxidizes part of the carbon iron.

Along with the open hearth to apply other methods of producing steel, in particular a converter acid (Bessemer) consisting in that the molten iron is flushed through the air, oxygen, which oxidizes carbon and iron.

Depending on the composition of the steel is divided into two main groups: carbon steel and special steel (alloy).

Carbon steel does not contain special additives consisting of non-ferrous metals. In turn, this steel is divided into ordinary, or structural, instrumental and steel. Ordinary carbon steel containing carbon is usually not higher than 0.6%. From such produce steel products, which do not require the increased hardness of the material (utensils, Hardware and others.). According to the content of harmful impurities ordinary carbon steel is divided into ordinary quality steel and high-quality. Tool steels typically contain a higher percentage of carbon than ordinary steel. It is used in the manufacture of items such as knives, scissors, tools, and others. The composition of harmful impurities (sulfur, phosphorus and others.) Tool steel is also divided into high-quality and high-grade steel.motorcycle model of high quality

Special steels (alloy) contains in its structure a special supplement of ferrous metals (chromium, nickel, and others.). The range of the steel variety. Its name is usually determined by the nature of the additive: chrome steel, nickel-chrome, and others.die cast model cars