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Laser Cutting Features

  • Author:naky
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  • Release on:2014-11-11
(一)Directional light
Ordinary light is emitting in all directions . Let the emitted light propagation in one direction , you need to install the
light converging certain devices, such as car headlights and searchlights are mounted condenser mirror effect , so that the
radiation emitted pooled together in one direction . Laser emits laser light emitted born in one direction , the divergence
of the beam is very small, only about 0.001 radians , nearly parallel . 1962 , the first human use of laser irradiation on
the moon, the moon's distance from Earth of about 380,000 kilometers , but less than two kilometers of the laser spot on the
lunar surface. In terms of the condenser works well, seemingly parallel searchlight beam toward the moon, according to its
spot diameter will cover the entire moon。

(二)High brightness
Before the invention of the laser cut parts ,custom metal parts. the brightest artificial light in the high-pressure pulsed xenon lamp , and the
brightness of the sun's comparable, but the laser brightness ruby laser, a few hundred million times more energy than the
xenon lamp。Because of the high brightness laser beam , it is possible to illuminate the remote object . Ruby laser
illumination beam emitted on the moon produced about 0.02 lux ( units of illumination ), the color red , visible laser spot .
If the moon illuminated by the power of the strongest searchlight illumination produced only about one trillionth of one lux
, the human eye can not detect。The main reason is the very high brightness laser directional light . Large number of photons
concentrated in a very small space within the injection, the energy density of natural high . The ratio between the
brightness of the sun laser is one million , and it is a human creation. Color The color of the laser depends on the laser
wavelength of the laser , and depends on the wavelength of emitted laser light of the active substances, i.e. capable of
generating a laser stimulation that material。

Stimulation can produce deep rose ruby laser beam , it is applied to the medical field , such as for the treatment of skin
diseases and surgery. Argon gas is recognized as one of the most expensive to produce blue-green laser beam , it has many
uses, such as laser printing, the microscopic eye surgery is also indispensable . Laser diode emits infrared light generated
, so our eyes can not see , but its energy just to "read" CD , and can be used for fiber optic communications。

Laser separation technology laser separation technology mainly refers to laser cutting and laser drilling technology.
Focusing laser energy separation technique is to small space available 105 ~ 1015W / cm2 irradiation high power density, high
density by the energy of the non-contact , high-speed , high-precision processing methods. In such a high optical power
density irradiation can achieve almost any laser cutting and drilling materials。

Laser cutting technology is a get rid of the traditional mechanical cutting , heat treatment and cutting like new cutting
method has higher precision cutting , lower roughness , more flexible method of cutting and higher productivity features.
Laser drilling method as one method of machining hole on the solid material , has become an own application-specific
processing technology , mainly used in aviation, aerospace and microelectronics industries