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Manufacturing of products

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  • Release on:2014-11-11

Manufacturing of products

Casting of aluminum - it is one of the varieties of colored metal casting. There are several methods of casting aluminum casting method colored aluminum chill casting and injection molding process. Purification of aluminum alloys by using flux and ceramic foam filters.High quality motorcycle model cars

Industrial aluminum produced in the form of two types of alloys - casting, the details of which are manufactured by molding a color, and strain - alloys are manufactured in the form of deformable semis - sheets, foils, plates, profiles and wire. Casting of aluminum alloys produced by all possible means of colored aluminum casting. The most common method is considered a color injection molding, less applicable - methods of non-ferrous castings and aluminum gravity die casting in sand mold. If you do not want to make a large batch of products, it is logical to apply the color cast in plaster combined forms and method of investment casting.cast model cars

Casting of metals - is the process of producing metal products by pouring (casting) of the molten hot metal in a special form. This form, which is born of the future "casting" (so-called acquisition in the casting of metals metal product), called the "mold". The working part of the mold is a cavity in which the metal during casting, cooling, solidifies and gets appearance of the final product.Injection Molding model shop