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what is laser cutting

  • Author:naky
  • Source:www.diecastingpartsupplier.com
  • Release on:2014-11-10
Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and processing of non-metallic
, and can greatly reduce the processing time and reduce processing
into The improved quality of the workpiece.
Modern laser has become the pursuit of fantasy people " cut iron drunk " and "
sword ." In Golden Laser CO2 laser cutting machine, for example , the entire
system by the control system , motion system , the optical system , cooling
system , exhaust and Blowing protection system, etc., using the most advanced
multi-axis CNC model to achieve the speed of impact and laser energy such as
from Cutting, while supporting DXP, PLT, CNC and other graphic formats and
processing capabilities to strengthen the interface graphics rendering;

Use of superior performance Imported servo motor and transmission -oriented
structure to achieve at high speed motion accuracy in good condition.

Laser cutting is a high power density after the application of laser energy
produced to achieve focusing.Under the control of the computer , through veins
The red light of the laser discharge , so that the output frequency of a
controlled high repetition pulsed laser , a certain frequency, the pulse width
must be Beam , the pulsed laser beam and the reflected light passing through
the conductive path through the focusing lens group , and is focused on the
surface of the processing object to form a One minute , high- energy density
spot , the focal spot is located near the surface to be processed to high
temperature melting or gasification instantaneously processed Material.

Laser pulse instantly put the surface of each high-energy sputter out a small
hole , under computer control in Laser processing head and the workpiece
material at a pre- painted good graphics for continuous relative motion RBI ,
which would add to the object Processed into a desired shape. When cutting , a
surge of air flow coaxial with the beam ejected from the cutting head , the
material is melted or vaporized by the notches. The bottom blowing ( Note : If
the blown gas and the thermal efficiency of the material being cut to produce
the reaction , this reaction will provide the desired cutting
Additional energy ; there is a cooling air flow has been cut surface , reduce
the heat-affected zone and ensure that no contamination of the role of the
focusing lens )

With traditional Compared sheet metal processing , laser cutting its high
cutting quality ( kerf width is narrow, small heat -affected zone , clean cut )
Advantages of high speed cutting , high flexibility ( can easily cut any shape
) , a wide range of materials adaptability