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Color molding

  • Author:Anna
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  • Release on:2014-11-10

Color molding

Color molding (e.g., aluminum casting) - A process for producing a metallic shaped castings by pouring molten hot color of the metal (aluminum) into the mold. B casting process using the following metals and their alloys, bronze, copper, aluminum, brass. All of these metals have a low melting point.

There are several types of non-ferrous castings:

· color centrifugal casting,

· method of forming a sand-clay molds,

· way color chill casting.

 The most effective kind of non-ferrous casting centrifugal method is considered, as it allows you to get the least possible waste. When chill casting method, the color,lit.th toysat  filled with hot colored metal under the influence of gravitational forces. Thus, for mass production, the mold can be used many times. Upon completion of the process, the castings are machined in order to give them the final form, configuration or special mechanical properties.

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