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Lost-wax casting

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  • Release on:2014-11-07

Lost-wax casting


Another method for producing castings 

high quality aluminum die casting parts - Investment casting - is used in cases of manufacturing precision parts (eg turbine blades, and so on. N.) From the fusible material: paraffin wax, stearin, et al., (In the simplest case - wax) produced an accurate model of the product and the gating system. The most widely used model found P50S50 composition consisting of 50% and 50% stearin wax, used for large items of the salt composition is less prone to warping.XY global The model is then dipped in a liquid suspension based binder and a refractory filler. As the binder used ethyl silicate hydrolyzed grades FBS FBS 32 and 40, the hydrolysis is carried out in acid solution, water and solvent (alcohol, acetone). Currently, the use of silica sol DML found not in need of hydrolysis in workshop conditions and is environmentally safe. The refractory filler used: corundum, distensilimanit, quartz and so. D. On the block model (model and LPS) and the suspension was applied to produce a dusting, so applied from 6 to 10 layers. With each successive layer of the grain fraction dusting change for forming a dense surface shell mold. Drying of each layer takes at least half an hour, to accelerate the process using special ovens, in which ammonia gas is injected. From the formed shell lost wax: in water in the model composition, burning, high-pressure steam. After drying and sweat block is calcined at a temperature of about 1000 ° C to remove the shell mold substances capable of gassing. Afterwards the shell fed to the fill. Before filling blocks in furnaces heated to 1000 ° C. The heated block is set in a furnace and heated metal is poured into the shell. Filled block was cooled in an oven or in air. When the unit is completely cool it is sent to the knockout. Hammer blows on the pouring basin is made of ceramics weaning, further segment LPS.Takim way to get castings.

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