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By Hardware include a variety of door, window and furniture appliances, hinges, hooks, eyelets, rings, brackets, door handles, gate latches, wrapping, bookmarks, plates, door chains, door springs, elbowscast aluminum.

Most of these products are subdivided according to purpose, structure, surface finish, size.

By purpose hardware is usually divided into door, window and furniture.

The design of a number of items may be different. For example, the loop can be articulated, pintle, heel, begunkovymi; Door Handles -

 mold manufacturer die casting Keyboard and a lever; brackets - on the bar and on the legs, and so. d.high quality aluminum die mold making

By surface finish distinguish hardware shelled (polished), lacquered, nickel-plated.

Dimensions of products in this group usually point in millimeters for a total length, or the length of the core.

Hardware produce predominantly made of steel, but some products may also be made of aluminum alloy and other metals.

Brief description of the main types of Hardware is provided below.

Loops design divided into hinge (one-piece) pivot (detachable), heel, begunkovye (two narrow strips), and others. Pintle loops, moreover, can be deflecting (sash hinge double enveloping rod) and podgibnymi (sash hinge single the ends of the rod bent).

Hooks by the method of production divided by the wire and pressed, and by appointment - on door and window.

Ears (breakdowns) can be flat and curved (lateral); flat ears, in turn, are divided into direct and T-shaped.

Handles diversion divided into door, window and furniture. Window and Door Handles, in turn, are divided into brackets on the bar and the bracket on the legs. Furniture and Cabinet are staples pans (on plate and shell).